Non-vertical Tube Holder - Proudly made in Texas!

“The ENVE holder has the potential to provide simplified sample handling, leading to improved pre-genomic sample handling.“ Mark Hughes, MD, PhD

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Non-Vertical Tube Holder (ENVETM) addresses two real problems that can be encountered when transferring a sample into the tube: 1. sample loss and 2. misdiagnosis.

  • Holds the tube steady and safely
  • Relieves the second hand so it can attend to focusing the microscope on the sample
  • Greatly reduces the learning curve for the sample transfer
  • Increases reliability and consistency of the sample transfer
  • Reduces the chance of errors
  • Reduces stress of the operator

With ENVETM you will see the sample going into the PCR buffer every single time


Misdiagnosis caused by misidentifying the embryo number are not uncommon creating a serious problems for both, patients and providers. Yet, they are the most avoidable kind of errors. In odrer to reduce the number of errors using ENVETM, you need a sufficeint number of ENVETM holders to hold every tube for a given patient. We recommend to use only one micro-tube per ENVE holder.   

When you number a position for each tube, you gain one extra check-point: 


Because you visualise the sample number when transferring the tube under the microscope, you have another critical check point:

In sum, you don't need ENVETM every day, but it may save one of those oops.. days when you get distracted just for a short moment.

ENVETM holder is designed and manufactured by Epsilon Industries Inc (Texas) and distributed by Invitrolife, LLC (Texas). If you are not 100% happy with the holder, you have 90 days to return it and get a full refund with no questions asked.

ENVETM holder is made of polysterene plastic. This is the same material that is used for Petri dishes. Per FDA advisory letter, the product is marketed as General purpose laboratory equipment labeled or promoted for a specific medical use. 510(K) Exempt. This does not imply that it has been examined or endorsed by FDA.

Feedback from the first user: 

I had the opportunity to use the PGD Tube holder prototype that you were kind enough to send me. I really like it as it definitely makes it easy to transfer the biopsy material to the microfuge tube.

Bhushan K. Gangrade
Director, IVF Laboratory
Center for Reproductive Medicine
3435 Pinehurst Ave., 
Orlando, FL 32804


We used the prototype twice and loved it. Just a lot easier to hold and view the tube while you add the cells.


Mark PD Dow, PhD, HCLD (AAB)
Laboratory Director
Andrology and IVF Laboratories
Reproductive Gynecology Inc.
Akron, Westerville, Canton and Canfield, OH

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